Our Educators

Travis Johnson

Travis was an athlete as a youth and in his 20s become a public speaker &  trainer. Later on, his eyes were opened when he learned artistic performers experience the same feeling he had been pursuing in his career - the love of connecting a team with a common goal.

Now over 20 years later, he is still a speaker &  trainer, & has proudly added actor & improvisor to his roles. He loves the arts & hopes to impart to others the incredible skills it has to offer.


David Raftery

David has been performing and teaching improv in the Valley of the Sun since 2012. His travels of improv have taken him to ASU, MCC, GCU, Mesa Arts Center, The Torch, and JesterZ, where he has either performed, taught or learned from some of the greatest people on earth. He ran the improv troupe, "Names from a Hat" for 5 years, learning how to produce a show and lead within improv. 

Johnny Kalita

Johnny has been an actor/improviser for 15+ years. Hailing from Chicago, he is a graduate of The Second City Conservatory, i.O. Chicago, and The Annoyance. He has performed in dozens of improv teams, sketch shows, plays, films, and commercials. In parallel, he trained in Meisner at Black Box Studios run by Steppenwolf Ensemble member Audrey Francis. Johnny shares his experience and knowledge to help students build confidence and skills in creating compelling characters, fostering teamwork/groupmind, exploring environment/object work, and adding value to scenes with dynamic editing/scene painting. Johnny values improvisation, not only as a wonderful artform in itself, but as a great tool to become a better actor/writer/director and a way to approach life.


Genevieve Ticlo

Genevieve comes from a background of musical theater, choir, and speech and debate. She discovered improv in 2016 while looking for a new way to create and perform and has been learning and performing ever since. Genevieve has previously performed and taught at JesterZ Improv in Mesa, AZ and loves working with students who are newly discovering the joys of creating and discovering together.


Lou Moon

Lou Moon is a stand-up comedian with five years of experience. He’s performed on the road and for festivals all over the country. Lou is passionate about comedy and excited to share what he's learned from his experiences.

Lou Moon comedy instructor.jpg

Aaron Decker

Aaron has been doing comedy in Arizona for over 10 years. Since high school Aaron has directed multiple sketch comedy shows. He has performed improv with Names From A Hat, Outliers, and The Bridge Improv Theater.

Aaron has many accolades. In 2018, The New York Times said of Aaron, “Please stop sending us emails asking for us to give you an accolade quote”.

Aaron hopes to make you laugh and feel joy in your life.



Jess Klemm

Jess began her improv journey in 2018, taking classes with David Raftery and through the Torch Theater. She quickly found herself committed to the craft and loves that improv encourages failure, connection, and creativity but is also something anyone can do. 

jess klemm.jpg

Solomon Cruz

Solomon was taught the many applications of improv, from storytelling, interpersonal communications, and scene work enhancement in acting classes he took in his youth.

In college, Solomon met David Raftery and as Solomon puts it, "He took my skills and molded it into organized chaos to be the ultimate energy booster in any scene."


Dan Thomson

Dan Thomson is a comedian, actor, and improviser from Phoenix. He performs all over the valley and is happy to call the Bridge Improv Theater his new home for improv comedy.

Prior to performing at the Bridge, Dan is most proud to have produced the (locally) acclaimed, “Literally The Worst Show Ever”, and his own show, “One Night Only!”. He has also been a regular in TV commercials, industrial training videos, and at Stand Up Live, the Tempe Improv and Copper Blues Live, opening for headliners you both have and haven’t heard of! Dan also enjoys coaching high school improv troupes and teaching the next generation of improvisers how to shamelessly guilt friends and family into attending more shows than they ever thought they would.

Caitlyn Rogers

Caitlyn (she/her) has been doing improv since 2014. She played in Hale & Hearty, Beeswax, Franklin Institute, and The Neighborhood at the Torch Theatre. Her deep cut/b-side teams include Technicolor Sunset, Haroldception, Improvised Keynote Speaker, Rodney: Behind the Music, Exploding Ladies, and Baby Steps; she hasn't forgotten them. In March 2019, Caitlyn's teams won the Cerberus Cup and the Phoenix Improv Playoffs (PIP), which she hopes wasn't her improv peak. 

In addition to being on the Bridge's mainstage cast, Caitlyn is a member of Deborah and Hot Girl Summer. She's the designated grounded player, but she just might surprise you.

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