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"The class was incredible."

"Great workshop, Johnny, beyond my expectations!"

If you are an improviser who feels stuck in your head instead of being-in-the-moment, this workshop is for you! In this workshop we will use The Meisner Technique, including The Repetition Exercise and living truthfully under heightened Imaginary Circumstances to enhance your improvisational skills. Improvisation growth comes through getting-out-of-your-head and comfort zone.

“Taking Meisner classes provided the greatest breakthrough in my improvisational journey” – Johnny Kalita

Benefits: Building on-stage confidence, being fully present, expanding imagination and emotional range, and owning your artistic voice.

*Disclaimer: The work in this class will put you in high-stakes emotional circumstances that will cause discomfort.

Meisner Technique Workshop Application

Thank you for your interest in The Meisner Technique Workshop!

Due the the high-stakes nature of this workshop, instructor approval is required.

When: Thursday, November 9, 6:30-9:30 pm

Tuition: $75

Instructor: Johnny Kalita


NOTE: Upon submission of the below form, you will be redirected to schedule a phone meeting with Johnny. An email confirmation will also be sent.

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